Friday, February 26, 2010

Sorry to my followers

Sorry I have not posted anything for a while. Just can't get excited about doing anything crafty since the deaths of my Dad and Mom-In-Law.
I did finally make something with my Yudu (got it for Christmas) yesterday but I messed up the wording so I am re-making it. Hopefully I'll get to it today, then I will post.

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  1. what a year already for your sorry for your losses..i have been away for computer since first of the yr my dad has had 4 heart attacks shocked twice..and now on the so glad your dad made it longer than expected and you were able to spend a precious two weeks with him..prayers are with your family and husband..NOTHING like a new little precious baby to bring the spirits up!! CONGRATULATIONS an a perfect health new grandbaby! lesliefolks


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