Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We have the Swine Flu!
Youngest, Peyton, was diagnosed yesterday, Dylan came home from school just now not feeling well though no temp yet and the oldest, who is expecting, was put on Tamaflu yesterday as a precaution but woke with all symptoms except the fever this morning. Fever came on second day for Peyton so we'll see what tomorrow brings. Shelby has an OB appt. in the morning we'll go from there with her.


  1. here's wishing all a speedy recovery and all is well with the baby!

  2. Thanks Johna.
    Shelbys symptoms were pretty much gone this morning. Whew! They gave her the H1N1 shot at her OB appt. this morning so hopefully she'll be in the clear.

  3. Thoughts and Prayers with you and your family! My 8 yr old boy and 11 yr old girl had it last week 6 yr old so far has no symptoms..the other 2 have seemed to pull thru it okay!! whoo kinda scary just hearing it though!!

  4. Thanks Leslie.
    It is scary isn't it. Glad your kids got through it okay. Seems to be the case here too, thank God. Peyton was so miserable it just broke my heart. I think she's through it now. Keeping the fingers crossed that no one else gets it yet, me included! :(


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